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Mark Gatiss has been writing johnlock from 9am till 8pm. amazing. 


Sherlock, Moriarty and John as kids.

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ur not a girl dude just stop



ah! just hold one for one second…

i’m looking in my handbag for a fuck to give about you but it seems mostly empty…

except for this old thing…

i wonder what that could mean.

actually i don’t wonder. that was a lie i just told. sorry about that. but what i’m not sorry about is what i am, what i know i am and what i know i will still be tomorrow even if i get a hundred more messages like this.

do you think you’re being original? do you think you can just tell me to stop and i will? that’s like telling the sun not to like, idk, be the fucking sun. it’s not happening. give up.

the other thing is, your message is tame. it’s so mild. you’re like a little drop of water in a sea of hot sauce. i get death threats, i get people telling me i’m going to hell, i get people who sincerely want to hurt me just because of who i am.

and i’m still fucking doing it.

but little arrogant plot holes like you think you can just tell me to stop.

no, you wet toaster. no.

i am a fucking queen and i will be a woman for as long as i know myself to be one. you will be a damp fork for as long as the universe continues to exist.

anyway if you’re done being a century old sock i’m going to go be a woman somewhere you’re not being a human embodiment of chapped lips

Best. Fucking. Response. Ever.

186/? the sign of three caps

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Ben c getting really pissed at the hobbit premiere because martin wasn’t paying attention to him is my favourite thing in the world he’s so so pissed off I could stare at the gifs for hours

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is the song actually good or am i just too far up their asses

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The World’s Only Consulting Fandom 

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girl gangs make me swoon so hard

how rad is to have a girl gang

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A Picture of Dorian Grey

Hannibal HeAteUs
Sherlock s3 GOD JEEZUS
Dr. Who s 3 ep 9 omg help
Supernatural s 1 ep 20
Vampire Diaries s 5

Fred Astair - San Cisco